Spanish Vocabulary: Country names and Demonyms of Central Asia

Learn the names of countries and demonyms in Spanish! Demonyms are adjectives that describe someone’s nationality. For example, if someone is from China, in English, their demonym is “Chinese”. Demonyms are NOT capitalized in Spanish, and the word for demonym in Spanish is “gentilicio”. Enjoy this series of country names and demonyms for East Asia,Continue reading “Spanish Vocabulary: Country names and Demonyms of Central Asia”

New week, new vocab: Expresiones con colores

¬°Espero que pasaran un buen fin de semana! Check out these idioms in Spanish that use colors, and see if you can integrate one into your next Spanish conversation. Estar verde Literal meaning: to be green Figurative meaning: to be new or inexperienced at something (person) or to be not ripe (fruit) La prensa rosaContinue reading “New week, new vocab: Expresiones con colores”