3 reasons why parallel texts help you learn Spanish

On my walk today, I snapped a photo of these bumper stickers and thought that they are a fantastic example of parallel texts! Plus, the messages on them are important 🙂 See below for questions to answer in the comments! Parallel texts are direct translations from a student’s first language (L1) to a student’s secondContinue reading “3 reasons why parallel texts help you learn Spanish”

Bilingualism vs. Biliteracy in Spanish Education

Bilingualism: The ability to speak proficiently in two languages Biliteracy: The ability to read and write proficiently in two languages Someone who is bilingual is not necessarily biliterate.  Someone who is biliterate is typically also bilingual. Which one is better? It depends on your goals! If you want to use Spanish in academia, business, orContinue reading “Bilingualism vs. Biliteracy in Spanish Education”

6 ways to reframe de-motivating thoughts

Try these reframes if you are feeling de-motivated in your studies! We are all going through a lot right now. If you have been studying Spanish or have been wanting to start, this year may have thrown off your plans, opportunities, and environment for studying Spanish. This can be understandably de-motivating! Here are 6 ways toContinue reading “6 ways to reframe de-motivating thoughts”