Bilingualism vs. Biliteracy in Spanish Education

Bilingualism: The ability to speak proficiently in two languages Biliteracy: The ability to read and write proficiently in two languages Someone who is bilingual is not necessarily biliterate.  Someone who is biliterate is typically also bilingual. Which one is better? It depends on your goals! If you want to use Spanish in academia, business, orContinue reading “Bilingualism vs. Biliteracy in Spanish Education”

Hora de gramática: La cuestión vs. la pregunta

Although la cuestión seems like it would be the equivalent to the English word question, it is not. Cuestión translates to English words like matter, topic, subject, issue or even question, but not when used in the interrogative sense. Examples: Es una cuestión de vida y muerte. – It’s a question of life and death. Los políticos discutieron por cuatro horas pero nunca llegaron al fondo deContinue reading “Hora de gramática: La cuestión vs. la pregunta”

3 quick tweaks to make your Spanish seem more natural

There is a concept in second language acquisition called “language transfer” or “L1 interference” (L1 means your first language – the one you’ve learned since infancy). This happens when you apply the rules of your L1 to your L2 (second language). A common L1 interference mistake for Spanish speakers learning English is saying your ageContinue reading “3 quick tweaks to make your Spanish seem more natural”