Groundbreaking Spanish Literature: Nuestra América

“Nuestra América” is actually an impassioned essay from one of Cuba’s most fervent and dedicated scholars, José Martí. Nearing the turn of the century, Cuba and much of Latin America were at a crossroads: they could fight to gain independence from the suffocating grasp of the Spanish colonizers while also fighting off the looming powerContinue reading “Groundbreaking Spanish Literature: Nuestra América”

Groundbreaking Spanish Literature: Chac mool

If you enjoy watching Twilight Zone or Black Mirror, you’d enjoy reading this work of horror by Mexican author Carlos Fuentes! Without giving away any spoilers, this short story is about a man who brings home a chac mool statue. This type of statue has been found in many archeological sites in Mesoamerica. It depictsContinue reading “Groundbreaking Spanish Literature: Chac mool”

Groundbreaking literature: Lazarillo de Tormes

You may think a long book published anonymously in 1554 would be A-B-U-R-R-I-D-O (BORING). But what if I told you this book contains topics that are making headlines today?  Issues like censorship, income inequality, FOMO, racism, police/authoritative brutality, infidelity, open relationships, child abuse, and more are seen through the lens of a poor boy fromContinue reading “Groundbreaking literature: Lazarillo de Tormes”