Groundbreaking Spanish Literature: Chac mool

If you enjoy watching Twilight Zone or Black Mirror, you’d enjoy reading this work of horror by Mexican author Carlos Fuentes! Without giving away any spoilers, this short story is about a man who brings home a chac mool statue. This type of statue has been found in many archeological sites in Mesoamerica. It depicts a person in a position that we may find very odd today – a person with his head turned facing 90 degrees from his body. His elbows support his upper body and his knees are bent. On his stomach is a type of plate or bowl.

There is no clear evidence of what the chac mool figures were used for, though an educated guess would tell us that they were used in religious offerings.

The story “Chac mool” plays with the mystery surrounding these figures and the possibilities of what one may do or say if he came alive…

The main character at first explains away all the strange things happening in his house since the chac mool first arrived… until he is no longer able to deny that something is off… and dangerous.

I highly recommend this story if you like to feel scared!

Text difficulty level: Advanced
This text is a required text in AP Spanish Literature

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