New week, new vocab: Expresiones con colores

¡Espero que pasaran un buen fin de semana! Check out these idioms in Spanish that use colors, and see if you can integrate one into your next Spanish conversation.

Estar verde

Literal meaning: to be green

Figurative meaning: to be new or inexperienced at something (person) or to be not ripe (fruit)

La prensa rosa

Literal meaning: the pink press

Figurative meaning: gossip/celebrity magazines

Comerse un marrón

Literal meaning: to eat a chestnut sweet

Figurative meaning: to be forced to deal with a difficult/unpleasant situation

*I believe this is most commonly used in Spain

Ponerse morado

Literal meaning: to turn purple

Figurative meaning: to stuff yourself with food

El príncipe azul

Literal meaning: the blue prince

Figurative meaning: Prince Charming

Pasar la noche en blanco

Literal meaning: to spend the night in white

Figurative meaning: to stay up all night, not able to sleep

Ponerse rojo

Literal meaning: to turn red

Figurative meaning: to blush/turn red (out of embarrassment)

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